What is Lindy Hop?

Lindy hop is a partnered jazz dance done to mostly big band swing music. It can be flashy and fast, or slowed down and sedate. Whatever the tempo, it’s a fun dance to do and is always an expression of the music!

We teach our classes in 4 week block courses which is a great way to get to know a group of people and to improve upon what you have learned the in the previous weeks.

Cost is $50 or $40 (with student ID)

Our beginner block courses follow on from each other in the same time slot and are as below. Beginners courses are available at on Mondays at 7pm in Mt Eden.

Beg A – Lindy hop basics: learn the basics of the dance that make it unique
Beg B – Charleston basics: learn the basics of swing charleston which can be incorporated into your lindy hop
Beg C – 6 count basics: learn the 6 count basic which also forms a large part of lindy hop. The 6 count basic is also sometimes known as East Coast Swing

You will need to have completed all three of the above courses in order to progress to Intermediate where we teach you how to combine these together and improvise with the music. Intermediate courses are available at on Mondays at 8pm in Mt Eden.