What is Balboa?

Balboa is a close partnered dance with its origins coming from the Charleston, Collegiate Shag and others. Due to its closeness and simplicity of movement it can be danced comfortably at all tempos.

Balboa came from Southern California during the 1920s and increased in popularity until World War II. Balboa is named for the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, California, where the dance was invented.

Balboa is a contemporary of Lindy Hop, so comparisons are hard to avoid.

Both dances evolved at the same time with the same swing music. Both are considered evolutionary descendants of Charleston. Though some consider Balboa to be an adaptation of various Latin dances such as theRumba done to American big band music, the latter were not yet popular with American swing dancers when Balboa was developed, so a connection to Latin dance is doubtful. Balboa had also typically been recognized as a regional dance done in Southern California whereas Lindy Hop was more widespread nationally, but that is no longer the case among modern swing dancers: today, most consider Balboa and Bal-Swing legitimate forms of swing dance.
Both Bal-swing and Lindy Hop would have been considered dances done by jitterbugs during the 1930s and ’40s, unlike Balboa, which was done by more mature dancers who wanted to avoid the Jitterbugs’ energetic and eccentric floor work.

(from Wikipedia)

From time to time, Jitterbugs runs Balboa block course lessons. Contact us if you are interested in learning this dance.